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NOTE: In light of recent booking patterns, CAES has raised the booking cap for 1:1 consultations to 2 times per student per week. 


The booking system linked to below shows schedules for one-to-one consultations at the Main Library, Medical Library, and Chi Wah Learning Commons, as well as writing workshops at Chi Wah Learning Commons. You may only book a slot for yourself. We check student cards at the consultation zones, and if the person attending is not the person who booked the slot, no consultation will be given. Any student who books a consultation slot which is then attended by another person will be blocked indefinitely from making further bookings.

Click on a green slot to book a one-to-one writing consultation. Writing workshops are shown in blue in the Chi Wah Learning Commons schedule.

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Consultation Goals and File Upload

Once you’ve chosen a one-to-one consultation timeslot, tell your tutor what your goals are for the consultation. At least two days before your consultation, upload files that you’d like your tutor to read.

You don’t need to upload anything in advance. Simply join us for a session where you will practice how to improve your academic papers or learn tricks on how to retain new vocabulary.