NGL Youth


Application Process for Local Youth

NGL 2019 will run on slightly different schedules in different places – tentative dates are shown below. All participants will travel together to the site and need to be available on the departure date

All participants will be expected to join the programme through to the finish.  Enrollment for part of the programme is not possible – the commitment is for the entire programme, and cannot be reduced.  Normally classes do not take place on weekends or public holidays, though Saturday morning classes may be scheduled in some places.

Soon after the application deadline, we will invite shortlisted applicants to choose their preferred time slots for an intake interview on the dates shown below.


If applicants are selected to join the programme, we will send two documents to them: (1) an acceptance letter; and (2) an undertakings form. Applicants who wish to accept the offer must sign and return the undertakings form before deadline. Arrangements for the overseas trip will commence upon our receiving of the undertakings. The followings are the procedures we prepare the trip for the participants.

  • Participants will receive a link to an online form. They will be asked to provide personal information, such as bank account number, passport number, etc.
  • Participants will need to submit the genuine copy of their passports to our office. If necessary, we will apply for entry visas for them. Applicants will be asked to collect their passports after we have applied for the corresponding visas.
  • We will purchase air tickets and insurance for the participants. The costs incurred from the above-mentioned purchases as well as the application of visas will be deducted from the sponsorship.
  • A sum  will be retained by HKU until the participants finish the trip and return to HK. The remainders of the sponsorship will be transferred to the bank account provided by the participants for their use in th


The programme will provide funding to participants to cover part of the travel expenses (e.g. flight tickets, visa, accommodation, insurance, etc.) on a reimbursement basis and the maximum amount is up to HK$10,000 for secondary school students and HK$15,000 for out-of-school youth.


If you are a Hong Kong resident and you meet these criteria we highly encourage you to apply:

  • study in any Hong Kong secondary schools or discontinued studying
  • are 15-22 years old
  • have basic English standard (able to understand daily English and express oneself)
  • have a less-privileged family background
  • are willing to step out of comfort zone to and learn new things

Enquiry: 3917 1080 /

Apply Online:  Youth Application form

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is the grant enough to cover all trip expenses? Do I need to pay extra on top of the subsidy?

Basically the grant can cover all of your trip expenses including round-trip airfare, accommodation, food, insurance, visa fee, cultural visits, etc. You are recommended to spare an extra of HKD1000-2000 for emergency.

Q2. Do I need to reserve air ticket and accommodation on my own?

The University will reserve round-trip air tickets for you after your placement is confirmed. You are required to depart from HK to the destination on the same date with the group. We will also arrange the accommodation for you. The expenses for air tickets and accommodation will be deducted from the subsidy.

Q3. Can I go to the same teaching location with my friends?

You are required to submit a location preference form after you are formally accepted into the programme. You can indicate your accompany preferences in the form. We will try our best to arrange as there is quota of each teaching location.

Q4. Are there any health risk concerns at these teaching locations?

The programme takes place in a malarial zone during the rainy season and there is some risk of both malaria and dengue fever. All participants must consult a doctor well prior to joining the NGL programme and must follow the medical advice they are given. In all teaching locations there are good hospitals that can be accessed on a self-paying basis. Although all participants are covered by a basic health package purchased through the programme you should read the terms carefully and determine whether you wish to purchase additional insurance.

Q5. How are the living conditions in these countries?

Locations range from cities to very rural areas.  Partner organizations are learning centres, organizations providing shelter and education to impoverished youth  (both Christian and Buddhist), and secondary schools.  Most students will be placed at city areas and they will live together at a guesthouse. Some students will live on-site at remote schools – or even in remote villages with their HKU mentors.

You are required to submit a location preference form where you can indicate your acceptability of living conditions (e.g. with or without air conditioner, hot water, wifi, etc). We will try our best to suit your needs.