Welcome to the CAES Speaking Studio at the University of Hong Kong!


The Speaking Studio offers speaking and communication support to help UGC-funded HKU students in academic, professional and social contexts. The services we provide include:

1. One-to-one Speaking Consultation Service

English Teaching Assistants (ETAs), who are recent university graduates working in CAES full time, are happy to support students in any type of projects involving spoken texts. Examples include individual and group presentations, video and audio productions, mock interviews and self-introduction videos.

You can book a 30-minute consultation session up to two weeks in advance, and we encourage you to upload any relevant files (recordings, assessment rubrics, video storyboard) at least 2 days before your consultation. Your tutor will highlight issues in your speaking, and discuss with you how to resolve these issues.

Our ETAs are also happy to help you in any stages of any speaking project. All CAES Speaking Studio consultations are held in Zone R, Chi Wah Learning Commons.


2. Test Preparation and Workshops

Our ETAs also run various workshops, discussion groups, and one-to-one consultations to help students prepare for English language proficiency tests such as IELTS and TOEFL.

Workshops are are small interactive sessions which focus on peer feedback and on engaging with content in new and exciting ways. ETAs run several different activities designed to help students understand and improve a skill or topic. Additional learning resources may also be provided after the workshop has finished.

The Workshops are usually one hour long and accommodate a maximum of 15 students. Workshops and Discussions usually take place in the Active Learning Classroom, Room 2.77 Chi Wah Learning Commons.


3. Peer Tutor Conversational English Practices

Jointly organised by CEDARS and CAES, the Peer English Tutoring Programme not only provides an opportunity for students to practise their spoken English, but also creates a platform for cultural and knowledge exchange. Practice sessions are 30-minute or one-hour long and take place in Zone R, Chi Wah Learning Commons. The content of the practice session is decided by the tutors and tutees.


For inquiries, write to speakingstudio@hku.hk