A cordial welcome to the virtual home of General Language Advising (GLA) at the University of Hong Kong! You are welcome to approach our experienced team of language advisors for long-term language learning support. They will be happy to work with you towards identifying and achieving specific language learning goals and help them reflect on your progress over time.

GLA aims to assist you with the development of language learning strategies on a longer term basis, especially if your answer to any of the following questions is a yes:

1. Do your learning needs concern writing, speaking, reading and listening support over a more extensive period than one single advising session?

2. Having met with tutors in the Speaking Studio or Writing Centre, do you feel you still need further advice on not just how to improve a written text but also how to go a step further in consolidating the strategies needed to push the envelope with your speaking and writing skills?

3. Do you have more general questions about language learning such as “how do I enhance my fluency?”, “how do I deliver more convincing speeches?”, “how do I write more professional emails” or even “how do I speak like a native speaker of English?” and not sure where to begin?

4. Do you just want to develop the confidence to use English in an effective way in a variety of situations or contexts and you feel you would benefit from professional advice on effective techniques?

5. Have you been told by your teacher or supervisor that you need to seek language support but are not quite sure what exactly to target?

All CAES General Language Advising sessions are held in Room 2.70 in the Run Run Shaw Tower within the Chi Wah Learning Commons.

For inquiries, write to caesgla@hku.hk