Speaking Studio

Open to all UGC students looking for help with their speaking.

A team of trained consultants from a range of disciplines, as well as Communication Advisors (CAs), will give you feedback on both spoken assessments and personal projects in 1:1 consultations. You are also welcome to join one of our group workshops covering the following areas: 

  • Public Speaking skills  
  • Video narrations and presentations 
  • Pronunciation practice 
  • IELTS speaking 
  • Social English
  • Mock interviews 

Consultants will point out issues in your speaking, and discuss potential solutions to those issues with you. Our aim is to help you become a more confident speaker, and to help you recognize and resolve higher order issues in the way you communicate. 

Apart from our Workshops on speaking skills, the Discussions that we offer also give you a chance to speak and learn about a variety of interesting topics, such as dating culture, current affairs, and controversial topics.

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