The following is a list of internet resources for engineering students, compiled by our English Teaching Assistants:

Presentation Skills

Why Engineers Must Complement Technical Skills with Soft Skills: experts at Penn State College of Engineering talk about the importance of enriching subject matter knowledge with soft skills like communication, interpersonal relationships and teamwork.

Three ways to improve your presentation skills: in this article published by Engineering Education Australia, business and communication training expert, Jarrod Benson presents three simple tips to improving presentation skills.

Effective Presentations: 12 Tips for Engineers (Don’t Laugh): advice from an engineer on how to communicate technical information effectively.

Speak Out for Engineering (SOfE) | How to give an Engineering Technical Presentation: useful tips on how to give an engineering presentation to a group of non-engineers.

Best practices for designing presentation slides: detailed suggestions about how to create simple, engaging, and effective slides for your presentations.

Doing a TED Talk: The Full Story: an informal account of preparing a TEDTalk and how different levels of memorisation can make a presentation sound more or less ‘natural’.

Presenting technical information to a non-technical audience: five simple rules for delivering clear, convincing and memorable technical presentations.

How to give an engineering presentation: from the point of view of an engineering lecturer with lots of useful information on engineering and general presentations too.

PowerPoint Presentation Tips: an outline of the sort of structure you can follow and how to make your presentation visually engaging.

Becoming an Effective Presenter of Engineering and Science: guidelines and video examples from Pennsylvania State University.


TEDTalks – TEDTalks are a great way to learn more about your discipline, enhance your vocabulary and learn some good presentation skills. Read our guide to TEDTalks and start listening to:

7 Missing Basics of Engineering – David E. Goldberg

Talk nerdy to me – Melissa Marshall

Inspiring the next generation of female engineers – Debbie Sterling

Why We Need Engineers Now More Than Ever – Elanor Huntington