Visit the booking timetable for details on available ETA Support sessions.

English Teaching Assistants (ETAs) are recent graduates who work full-time in the Advisory Zone. They are bookable for one-to-one sessions, but you can also drop in if they are free. ETAs provide advice on a range of academic, professional, and social English issues, including exam preparation (IELTS/TOEFL), CVs/cover letters, university assignments, interview preparation, and long-term language improvement. They also run a number of workshops and discussions.

Meet your ETAs:


What can I book?

25 minutes (Standard session)

If you are looking for help with short-term English needs, such as advice on one particular assignment or preparing for an exam or interview, you can book this session. We urge you to bring your document with you for the advising session.

45 minutes (Recorded session)

This longer session is a recorded speaking session, and is designed for students who are preparing for university presentations, job interviews, or speaking tests. During these sessions, the ETA will record your speaking and play it back in real-time for on-the-spot feedback and self-evaluation. Only book this session if you’re prepared to go in front of camera!