Visit the booking timetable for details on individual workshops/discussions currently offered.

Language Advisers and ETAs run a number of different workshops to help students improve their academic, professional, and social English. The Workshops are usually 1 hour long and accommodate a maximum of 15 students. Workshops and Discussions usually take place in the Active Learning Classroom, Room 2.77 Chi Wah Learning Commons. Other locations may be used for some sessions.

Note: Students do not have to come every week. They can just come when they are free, or to the sessions which interest them.


Workshops are are small interactive sessions which focus on peer feedback and on engaging with content in new and exciting ways. Language Advisers and ETAs will usually introduce the main idea or skills, and then run several different activities designed to help students understand and improve. Language Advisers and ETAs may also provide students with additional learning resources after the Workshop has finished. Below is a sampling of previous workshops (subject to change):


Discussions are informal group chats where you can practice your spoken English while discussing an interesting topic. The Language Adviser or ETA will guide the session, but students focus on talking to each other, not the ‘teacher’. If you would like more individualized speaking feedback, please book an advising session with a Language Adviser or ETA. Below is a sampling of previous discussions (subject to change):